the Verso HeadsetWe are pleased to present a ground breaking new development in the world of business headsets – it comes from the Avalle Range of headsets, a collection characterised by the desirable attributes of low cost and high quality.

We have already launched the highly successful AV500 and AV600 series which have become increasingly popular in call centres and busy offices. These are lightweight headsets which deliver superb sound, with options of noise cancelling, monaural and binaural variants. Earlier on in the year we brought the Defero to the market but now there is a new kid on the block, and it may well transform your idea on the perfect business headset.

A headset which can be switched from monaural to binaural

Verso Convertible Headset Overview

Monaural vs Binaural

We went into this question in depth in an earlier blog post article here but a cut down explanation is that :

  • starMonaural Headset – allows one to communicate with colleagues whilst wearing it
  • starBinaural Headset – cuts out all background noise allowing full focus on calls – great for someone who spends a large proportion of their working day on the phone

And that is how it has always been with headsets – well until now….

The New Avalle Verso Headset which are Transformers – they can convert quite easily from monaural to binaural.

This fantastic leap in business headset functionality has been achieved through innovative design and manufacturing techniques and really delivers a piece of freedom to the user as within seconds a user can switch from the easy going one eared aspect of the monaural to the focussed binaural user.

Verso Headset Advantages

  • starCost – these headsets reduce the total cost of ownership by giving two headsets in one.
  • starConvenience – one box, one line cord and two headsets – all well packaged with bag and clothing clip.
  • starQuick Deployment – switch from monaural to binaural in seconds.
  • starGreat Quality – Noise Reducing, Lightweight with leatherette cushions, ratchet boom and wideband sound.
  • starTwo Years Warranty – buy with confidence.

Verso Convertible Headset Details

More details on the Verso Headset can be found here