Avalle Defero USB and MS Teams Headsets


The Avalle Defero is billed as an entry level headset, with premium features. Available as both USB and with a range of connection leads, and as Monaural (one eared) and Binaural (two eared) variants.

Unpacking the headset, you immediately note the stylish red cabling and detailing. The leatherette ear cushions are soft to touch, the boom mic sturdy, and the overall build quality is excellent. It passes the ‘twist test’ – although this is rarely something that users would ordinarily have to discover!!

We tested the Avalle Defero 2 USB version, and used it with the Microsoft Teams setup we have in our offices. Plug an play was perfect – the MS teams platform immediately picked up and integrated the Avalle headset seamlessly. The in-line call connect and call reject controls worked well, as did the volume adjustment and mute.
First test passed!!

The USB 2.0 technology built into the headset is clearly fit for purpose!

On the MS Teams video call, the incoming sound was clear, and not at all tinny – which can be a feature of some of the less expensive Plantronics headsets. There was enough bass in the range and overall it has really good sound quality. The recipient said the microphone quality was as good as any they had experienced and that the output at their end was again, clear and true to my voice.
Exactly as we wanted.

With so many of us working remotely now, and with more plans to do so in the future, the tech we employ has to be good. The communications have to be as near to ‘being there’ as possible, and there is no room for any sort of ‘hit and miss’ kit.

The Avalle Defero 2 USB worked perfectly with the much used MS Teams software providing an assured and impressive comfort and quality of sound both ways for the duration of our test.

Would we recommend the Defero 2 USB to work with MS Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting or any of the other key video software providers?
Yes we would.


Overall Verdict : 9/10