An Affordable Conference Phone from BT

x300-conference-phoneWe felt that we should mention the The BT X300 Conferencing Unit, having talked about its big brother the BT X500 previously but the X300 deserves a mention by virtue of its simplicity and price.

OK - the BT X300 is a simple analog conference telephone which represents incredible value for money for anyone looking at kitting out a conference room for meetings. Whereas the conference phone was once considered to be the sole property of the leather clad multinational office BT have brought the product well within the reach of many small businesses and is capable of serving a decent sized conference/ meeting room. Moreover the unit has not skimped on functionality, it has the following features as standard :

  • Full Duplex - simultaneous two way speech
  • Echo Cancellation - reduces echo caused by feedback
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction - maintains the clarity of the call at all times
  • Two Wireless Satellite Microphones - picks up speech all around
  • 50 name and number directory - stores your most used contacts

BT-x-300What is more that this very affordable unit can be very easily deployed in almost any meeting room within minutes, needing no special programming nor cabling, using a traditional analog extension. The three meter wireless range makes it perfect for a conference room of almost any dimension and the additional microphones can be placed around the room to give clearer pick up for remote speakers.

For more information on the BT X300 Conference Phone please get in touch with us or view and buy the product online