Alctel IP PhonesThe Alcatel-Lucent 8 and 9 Series IP Touch phones are full-featured desk phones that offer integrated IP connectivity and telephony.

In addition to the converged power of data and voice over IP, these Alcatel IP Touch phones support an unsurpassed range of features and functions, including web-based XML business applications. They offer superior-quality audio and an optimized design with a large, high-resolution screen. The 4068 IP Touch incorporates a color display and the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Alcatel-Lucent 8 and 9 Series IP Touch phones increase employee efficiency and productivity by targeting and supporting different user needs.

Alcatel’s range of IP Touch Phones – the 8 and 9 Series IP Touch Phones are the latest in a long line of well designed and easy to use business telephony products from Alcatel-Lucent.

An IP Telephone System allows one to route your phone calls through your broadband connection ( VoIP – Voice Over IP ) rather than the traditional PSTN Telephone Network which can greatly reducs costs as well as opening your telephone system up to a host of features and enhancements which can both create a more efficient working environment and lower the total cost of ownership.

The Telephones in this range have a great range of functionality including real improvements on the traditional telephone interface.

  • four directional navigational pad
  • the 8 series phones have large clear LCD screens
  • alphanumeric keyboard
  • programmable keys
  • easy access to call handling functions

Further to this the phones have an unsurpassed sound quality and the facility to embed business xml applications into its operating system – allowing the incorporation of business intelligence into your desktop telephone. Further, the Alcatel 4068 comes with Bluetooth™ connectivity and a colour screen.

If you would like further information on the 8 and 9 Series IP Touch Range please get in touch.