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Alcatel have updated their range of desktop digital and IP phones with a stunning range - the 8000 series which take all that was good about the 4000 series and improve upon them further. They all have improved audio as well as POE, Gigabit Ports, Full Pull Out Keyboards and programmable function keys.


The Benefits of an Alcatel 8000 Series Telephone

These 8000 series off great benefits to the user and the business owner, brining high levels of control over their telephone services with xml driven updates to desktop phones allowing a customised infrastructure based upon in house business procedures and logistics. The IP phones allow calls to be directed through the data network which brings in savings to both the costs of running a business telephone system as well as minimising the carbon footprint of the company.
Further to these benefits the Alcatel 8000's support voicemail, dial by name and headset readiness.

Alcatel 8028 IP Desk phone

Alcatel 8028

This premium IP desktop telephone is IP ready with an enhanced wideband audio which can be accessed via handset, headset or fully duplex speakerphone. The model carries a large backlit display which allows access to an intuitive interface complemented by a large pull out keyboard.
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Alcatel 8029 Digital Desk Phone

Alcatel 8029

This is a digital deskphone - a successor to the bestselling Alcatel 4029 - a great all round telephone for any business small or large. This, simple yet powerful desktop phone will integrate with all major telephone systems and bring an ease of communications to your workforce.
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Alcatel 8038 IP

Alcatel 8038 IP

Like the Alcatel 4038 the 8038 is a Premium IP desk telephone, though with improved audio and tweaks to the UI that make the phone even more of a boon to productivity in the workplace. The 8038 has a larger screen than the 8028.
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Alcatel 8039 Digital Desk Phone

Alcatel 8039

With new and improved wideband audio the Alcatel 8039 gives an astounding audio experience to the user as well as having the familiar icon driven interface this phone. The predecessor - the Alcatel 4039 was, and still is a hugely popular desktop phone for many businesses being not only a joy to use but also simple to install and deploy for almost any telephone system.
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Alcatel 8068 IP

Alcatel 8068 IP

With its backlit colour display the Alcatel 8038 takes desktop business telephony to a new level of simplicity of use with complexity of function. It also is available with Bluetooth connectivity in the 8068BT Version
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Video of the 8000 Series

Whilst not the most informative of videos this gives an interesting insight into how people may rect to the new phones.

Alcatel 8000 Series Documentation

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