We launched the groundbreaking Verso headset some two years ago in response to feedback from many users and purchasers of business headsets. It is, as are all of our Avalle headsets, designed in the UK based upon feedback from our customers, an evolutionary process not unlike natural selection, but based upon what works in a busy business communications environment such as a call centre, office, helpline or indeed any position where a headset will help you work and talk at the same time.

versoFor those of you unaware of the Verso, and how it came into being, let us set the story straight:

Basically any of our business customers would ask us whether they should have a two eared ( Binaural ) or a one eared ( Monaural )headset for work and we would ask a few questions about the environment in which they were working to work out which sort of headset was best suited.

Of course there was often a grey line there where we could see that at some times of the day and in certain situations a different headset set up would be beneficial. Well, we realised that rather than forcing everyone to buy two completely separate headsets we could design a solution that would allow a fully convertible headset for just such a user.

What we have learnt

From this initial idea the Verso was born and proved an immediate success with many of our customers. We have learnt a lot from this experience :

  • the headsets are great to use – anyone who has experienced the freedom to switch wearing styles rarely goes back to the older solutions
  • The fact that the parts are all independent means that spares are very cheap, and headsets that would previously have been consigned to waste are being revitalised – leading to cheaper , swifter replacements as well as a saving to the environment.
  • our users, who have previously stuck to more advertised brands have been amazed at the quality of the entire Avalle range

The Build

In addition to what must be considered to be groundbreaking features the Avalle Verso has an Ultra-Noise Cancelling microphone to block out any background noise whilst the wideband sound delivers a solid and clear audio for the user.

They are built with a padded headband and large leatherette ear cushions for comfort and the ratcheted boom arm makes adjustments intuitive.

More Info on the Verso

If you want to try out our Avalle Verso Headsets then give us a call on 0844 824 6664 – Get in Touch – or Request a Headset trial.

View the Avalle Verso Headsets here : https://www.best4systems.co.uk/avalle-verso-headset.html