3M Peltor SportTac

Ear Defenders for Shooting
Anyone involved with shooting – be it hunting or firing on a range will be very aware of the necessity for hearing protection from the loud, sharp sounds of a gun firing. An example of the potentially injurious sound levels can be illustrated by the following figures : a standard rifle retort emits 140dB, a shotgun – 155dB and an unsuppressed pistol up to 170dB. To put this into context a jet taking off emits 150dB. Clearly hearing damage is not something anyone wants, and, indeed, damage to the hearing is irreversible. So here we have a look at the 3M Peltor SportTac ear defenders which provide sound attenuation of 26dB for the wearer.
OK, so what we really like about these is its quick response to protect the ears whilst allowing ambient listening. This means that one can be trekking or on the firing range and chatting freely with ones friends/ colleagues/ team. As soon as a loud sound is encountered the active listening is activated – shutting off practically all noise – immediately. This is a great bonus as not only does this protect the hearing, but the situational awareness provided by the active sound pick up increases safety to a large degree. The fact that the ear defenders allow normal conversation whilst being worn also minimises the likelihood that the wearer will remove them – so exposing the ears to potentially harmful noise levels.
The SportTac Ear defenders are available in two differing colour schemes : Red/ Black or Green/ Orange ( via interchangeable ear covers ) . The former version designed for marksmanship whilst the latter colour variations are aimed at the hunter.

Peltor SportTac Ear Defenders


  • designed for hunters and marksmen
  • easily foldable for storage – carriage
  • optional audio input for radio
  • approx 600 hour battery time
  • powered by two AAA batteries
  • weight : 318g
If you are interested in the SportTac and how it could increase your enjoyment whilst shooting whilst protecting your ears from sudden, sharp noise then feel free to get in touch with our team . We offer ( subject to approval ) fully managed accounts, and, of course, best practice in providing advice on all workplace hearing protection matters.