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ATL Berkshire Series FAQs

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Q. Are the ATL Berkshire phones Wall Mountable?
Yes, the whole series are desk and wall mountable.

Q. Can I use ATL Berkshire phones to make VoIP calls?
No, the ATL Berkshire series are Analog telephones.

Q. Are these phones headset compatible?
All models except the ATL Berkshire 100 have a dedicated headset port

Q. Do these phones ship with a PSU?
No, power supply units are sold separately.

Q. What sort of warranty do I get on a refurbished ATL Berkshire phone?
Industry leading 3 year warranty on refurbished ATL phones.

Q. What does TBR/ELR stand for?
Time Break Recall and Earth Leg Recall.

Q. Do the ATL Berkshire series support Bluetooth technology?
The ATL Berkshire 600AG is the only model to support a Bluetooth feature.


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